28th June 2006, Bath

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The following report is from the 28th June 2006 Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG Meeting, held at the University of Bath and hosted by UKOLN. Report by Neil Fegen. Most presentations are also available in mp3 format, which we hope you find a useful supplement to the PowerPoint slides (even though they might be hard to follow at times).

A list of attendees is given at the end of this report and a summary of the evaluation forms is also available.

Note: For those using Firefox and wishing to download the majority of files on this page, it may be easier to use the ‘DownThemAll’ extension, which can download several files in a queue.



Phil Barker gave a brief introduction to the day and to the aims and activities of CETIS.

For more details, download Phil's presentation:

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Controlling the flexible, informal repositories relationship with institutions

Dave White presented about the SPIRE Project, talking about use of the LionShare system, and the benefits and drawbacks of P2P.

For more details, download Dave's presentation:

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PROWE Project

Lara Whitelaw presented on the PROWE Project, talking about using new networking tools and shared repositories to support part-time distance tutors’ professional development.

For more details, download Lara's presentation:

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Maureen Pennock talked about the DCC, highlighting the aim to solve extensive problems of digital preservation and curation, and talking about information services and advisory services provided by the DCC.

For more details, download Maureen's presentation:

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DC/LOM Update

Pete Johnston (of Eduserv) talked about work being undertaken under the auspices of Dublin Core and IEEE LTSC to map the LOM to the DC abstract model, which should allow LOM data elements to be used in application profiles that follow the DC Abstract Model and Dublin Core bindings (e.g. RDF) to be used for LOM instances.

For more details, download Pete's presentation:

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Due to illness, Sarah was unable to attend the meeting, but her slides are available here. Sarah was due to present on CD-LOR, giving an overview of the project and discussing some early findings with the project.

For more details, download Sarah's presentation:

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DICE Project

Eddie Clarke presented on the DICE Project, talking about the evaluation of the d+ search tool, along with project conclusions.

For more details, download Eddie's presentation:

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Defining a specification for a high stakes assessment item bank

Defining a specification for a high stakes assessment item bank: how do UK Interoperability and Metadata Standards impact on item banking? Jenni Squire and Dave Baines talked about the UKCDR Project, where they are trying to define a specification for an item banking tool to enable the storage, exchange and analysis of high stakes assessment items.

For more details, download Dave and Jenni's presentation:

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The following people registered for the meeting.

Name Role Institution/Affiliation
Julie AllinsonDigital Repositories Support OfficerUKOLN
Dave BainesUKCDR Database OfficerUniversity of Manchester
Kenny BairdMetadata and Technical SupportJORUM
Phil BarkerCETIS Metadata and Digital Repository SIG CoordinatorHeriot-Watt University
Robert BleySales Account ManagerEx Libris
Eddie ClarkeDICE ProjectUniversity of Staffordshire
Neil FegenResearch AssociateHeriot-Watt University
Neil JacobsJISC ExecutiveJISC
Pete JohnstonTechnical ResearcherEduserv
Catherine JonesLibrary Systems Development ManagerCCLRC
Shirley KeaneWeb EditorUKOLN
Mahendra MaheyDigital Repositories Support OfficerUKOLN
Andrea OwenUKCDR Project ManagerUniversity of Manchester
Claire ParryLSHTM Digital Asset Project OfficerUniversity of London
Maureen PennockResearch OfficerUKOLN
Andy PowellHead of DevelopmentEduserv
Bridget RobinsonResearch OfficerUKOLN
Jenni SquireUKCDR Project OfficerUniversity of Manchester
Amber ThomasProgramme ManagerJISC
Dave WhiteSPIRE Project ManagerUniversity of Oxford
Lara WhitelawMetadata Development ManagerThe Open University

Many thanks to all who attended, especially to those who gave presentations, and to those at UKOLN who helped with the organisation. End of page - back to top