2nd ArchiMate modelling bash

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The main objective of the 'bash is simply to let you work on a bit of modelling of your choosing with as many colleagues and experts on hand as possible. Learning by doing, together. At the same time, we'll explore how the community principles we agreed during the previous bash have shaped practice.

For those who don't have a lot of experience with ArchiMate yet, we will organise an introductory session in the morning.



The event will take place at St. Andrews University, in the Gateway Building (The Gateway is building 18 on this PDF map)

Information about how to get to St. Andrews is available on the university website. Information about where to stay is available from the town's information site.

Who can come?

Anyone with experience in ArchiMate modelling who wants to learn from others, and is willing to share what they've learned in turn can come to the modelling bash.

While many of the participants are likely to be from the JISC's Flexible Service Delivery programme, we're keen to involve ArchiMate modellers from other sectors and places. Not least because we'll also explore if and how we can sustain an archimate work group beyond this 'bash.

For those who don't have much experience yet, there is an introductory session in the morning. In that session, the fundamentals of the ArchiMate language will be covered together with a hands-on tutorial about the open source Archi ArchiMate editor. Bring laptops!


Registration is available at modelling bash registration page


The event is free to attend.


If you tweet or blog about the event, the hashtag to use is #ambash

Introduction to Archimate

Lecture Room 2, The Gateway [on 1st floor]

09:00 Welcome and coffee

09:30 Introduction to ArchiMate for beginners

10:00 Using Archi

10:45 Coffee

11:00 ArchiMate modelling tutorial

Modelling bash

Lecture Room 2, The Gateway [on 1st floor]

FSD wiki folder to share models

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Archi 2.0 features

14:30 Community principles

15:00 Deciding topics and start bashing!

16:00 Coffee

18:00 End of Day 1

19:30 Dinner at West Port

Day 2, Lecture room 4, The Gateway [basement]

09:00 Future events?

09:30 Model bashing

11:00 Coffee

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Lightning talks - one minute to tell what you've achieved

14:45 Modelling Principles - what worked?

15.30 End