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This page enumerates the tags and aggregates feeds for blogs and shared bookmarks for the 2008 CETIS Conference. The idea is to try to extend the reach of the conference in terms of participation and impact. The term Amplified Conference could be used.

We will source feeds from:

Twitterati may also want to follow updates from @CETISconference and use the #cetis08 hashtag.


Tags to Use

cetis-2008-conference for the conference in general, the keynotes and plenary

cetis-2008-widgets (#cetis08wid hashtag) for "Planning and designing learning in a world of widgets and Web 2.0"

cetis-2008-wbl for "Technology for work based Learning"

cetis-2008-vle (#cetis08vle hashtag) for "The Learning Content Management Repository Virtual Environment system 2.0 and its future"

cetis-2008-challenge for "Grand Challenges in HE & FE"

cetis-2008-apis for "Technological Innovation in a world of web API's"

cetis-2008-processes for "Re-inventing Institutional Processes to Support Flexible Learning"

cetis-2008-oer for "OER Programme Scoping session"

cetis-2008-services for "Providing mission-critical services? Development and innovation? How do we bridge these two worlds?"

The Activity

What follows is the aggregation of all activity. Each parallel session on the agenda has its own page for more focussed content.

Look out for the tag reminders that look like:

Note: Please use the tag 'cetis-2008-xxxxxx' if writing about this event.

Don't expect much before the conference




(including flip-chart shots)

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    You can't see the high end Cisco IP phone waiting to be dribbled on by the kettle...

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    TV on wall bracket redolent of cheap B&B ;-)

  17. CETIS Conference 08 - Tore Hoel

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    CETIS Conference 08 - Tore Hoel

    Tore Hoel gives an impromptu 'Live Poster Session' at the CETIS Conference 2008. The ICOPER project is at kmi.open.ac.uk/projects/icoper/?page_id=2

  18. CETIS Conference 08 - Andrew Feenberg

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    CETIS Conference 08 - Andrew Feenberg

    Andrew Feenberg delivers the opening keynote at the JISC CETIS Conference 2008

  19. CETIS Conference 08 - Oleg Liber

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    CETIS Conference 08 - Oleg Liber

    Prof. Oleg Liber, Director of CETIS, opens the 2008 Conference

  20. CETIS Conference 08 - Adam Cooper

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    CETIS Conference 08 - Adam Cooper

    Adam Cooper, Assistant Director of CETIS, presents an overview of the discourse CETIS has engaged in over the last 12 months.