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A synthesis of our work on Open Educational Resources can be found in the book
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Phil Barker

CETIS regularly runs workshops, conference sessions and other events, the following are of direct or indirect relevance to Open Educational Resources.

Open Scotland June 2013

Advances in Open Systems for Learning Resources Aug 2011

A CETIS workshop at the Repository Fringe 2011, Edinburgh, Friday 5th August, which covered a diverse range of topics that relate to "open systems". These included open source repository system software, repositories of openly licensed content, open access repositories, open standards and open APIs.

CETIS/UKOLN OER Hack Days Apr 2011

A two day event hacking content, systems and services for open educational resources on the 31 Mar & 1 Apr 2011 in Manchester. During the event, delegates working in multi-disciplinary teams to work on ideas that had been suggested before and at the beginning of the hack days.

Locate, Collate and Aggregate Nov 2010

A session of the JISC CETIS Conference 2010, looking at technical approaches to finding, using and managing content for teaching and learning, including building collections of OERs, drawing together information about learning resources, building rich descriptions from disparate sources of information.

What metadata is really useful Oct 2010

A meeting to investigate what data we have (or could acquire) to answer the question of what metadata is really required to support the discovery, selection, use and management of educational resources.

The OER Gathering Jun 2010

A developer event on harvesting, aggregating and collecting OERs, held at Strathclyde University, Glasgow on 22 June 2010.

Repositories and the Open Web Apr 2010

How repositories fit in with the web, and how do web 2.0 / social sharing sites compare to repositories when used for the management and dissemination of learning materials.

Open Educational Resources Technical Roundtable Nov 2009

An open session at the CETIS conference 2009 to share technical experiences of openly distributing educational resources.

Find and Seek Nov 2009

A session from the CETIS conference 2009 about the description, discovery and use of educational resources, such as those being created by the OER programme.

CETIS OER/OU OpenLearn meeting Feb 2009

A joint meeting with the UK Open University to support forthcoming JISC/HEA Open Educational Resourses Programme.