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This page is archived. It is no longer maintained, and information in it may be dated.
A synthesis of our work on Open Educational Resources can be found in the book
"Into the wild – Technology for open educational resources"
Open Educational Resources
OER Contents:
UKOER Programme support
UKOER sources
CETIS UKOER mini projects
Describing OERs
Tracking OERs
UKOER projects in PROD
UKOER synthesis & summary
CETIS OER papers
CETIS OER events
CETIS OER Contacts
Phil Barker [1]
Based at: ICBL Heriot-Watt University
Phil's JISC CETIS blog
Lorna M Campbell [2]
Based at: CAPLE, University of Strathclyde
Lorna's JISC CETIS blog

An introduction to Open Educational Resources

CETIS are engaged in a wide range of open educational resource initiatives both nationally and internationally in support of JISC's work in this domain. A major part of our work in this area is to provide technical guidance and support to the UK Open Educational Resource (UKOER) Programmes run jointly by JISC and The Higher Education Academy. CETIS also provides strategic technical input and synthesises and disseminates the technical outputs of these programmes.

This page and subsections provide an overview of CETIS's work with Open Educational Resources (OER), including our support for the UKOER programmes, and list some key resources.


This page and subsections provide an overview of CETIS's work with Open Educational Resources (OER), including our support for the Open Education Resources programme, and list some key resources.

Key sections include:

An overview of our activities in support of the HE Academy/JISC UKOER programmes.
A list of where you can find the materials provided by projects funded by the UKOER programmes, with an emphasis on endpoint for interoperability services.
Information about technical mini projects funded through CETIS to explore specific technical issues that had been identified by the community, including the tendering and open bidding process and progress of the projects.
Aspects of resource description for Open Educational Resources (OERs), including advice about metadata, OER self-description, providing licence information, and the requirements for the UKOER programme.
A set of pages about technical approaches to monitoring the release of OERs by a project or programme, the use and re-use of these resources, and comments and ratings relating to these resources.
Pages describing ideas and work from a two day event which brought together software developers, learning technologists, users and other stakeholders interested in hacking OER content, systems and services.
The OER Technical Interest Group aims to provide a focus for the wide range of technical activities that the UK F&HE community is engaging with in the general space of “open educational resources”.
PROD is CETIS's directory and monitoring tool for JISC funded projects. It lets you search for and quickly gather information about any of the projects in the system. This slice of PROD shows the UKOER projects.
Part of CETIS's support for the UKOER programmes is to provide end-of-programme syntheses and summaries of technical issues.
A list of journal publications from members of CETIS on OER.
A list of the workshops, conference sessions and other events run by CETIS that are of direct or indirect relevance to Open Educational Resources.

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