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CodeBash4 took place at the University of Bolton, 7-8 June 2007. This was a closed technical event which aimed to test the functional interoperability of systems and applications which implement a wide range of content related standards and specifications including, but not limited to:

IMS Content Packaging, IMS Common Cartridge, IMS Learning Design, IMS Simple Sequencing, IMS Question and Test Interoperability, IMS Learning Resource Meta-data, IEEE LOM, Dublin Core Metadata, ADL SCORM, METS.

Participation in CodeBash4 was by invitation only. If you are interested in participating in any future similar events, please contact Lorna Campbell.


Outputs and Benefits of CodeBash4

The outputs of CodeBash4 are expected to benefit implementers and the educational communities by:

· Providing valuable information and guidance on specification implementation and conformance.

· Allowing developers and vendors to tailor their products to the requirements of educational communities across Europe.

· Helping to establish common practice for the implementation of learning technology interoperability standards and specifications.

· Identifying issues and requirements which can be fed back directly to specification and standards development agencies.


CodeBash4 was informal event with a flexible agenda and an emphasis on practical interoperability testing. Audio recordings and copies of the presentations given are available for download from the links below. (NB the audio recordings are quite large files so may take some time to download depending on your internet connection. Thanks to Pierre Gorissen, SURF for compling the audio recordings).

The JISC CETIS Portfolio SIG ran a collocated meeting on Portfolio Interoperability: strategy and policy on Friday the 8th June. Further information about this event is available at [[1]]

CodeBash Website

Some of the outputs of the event are publicly available from the CodeBash website

CodeBash Dinner

The CodeBash dinner was sponsored by the Centre for Academic Practice and Learning Enhancement at the University of Strathclyde.