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This page provides links to resources and information about competences. For more information on competences from JISC CETIS see also


Competency Frameworks and Standardisation

IMS Learning Design

IMS Learning Design Level 3, Competency Based Learning. Refers to IMS RDCEO.


IMS Reusable Definition of Competency or Educational Objective. Defines key contextually neutral characteristics of competences for sharing across learning systems. Further developed as IEEE RCD.


IMS Reusable Competency Definitions.


The eXchanging Course-Related Information project. A key activity was the development of the XCRI Course Advertising Profile (XCRI-CAP) to support the sharing and searching of course information. Competence statements relate to both the definition of entry requirements for courses and intended learning outcomes.


European Learner Mobility

The forthcoming CEN Workshop Agreement on European Learner Mobility has web versions of the documents in preparation and in particular a supplement on Intended Learning Outcomes

Projects developing competence frameworks


Working on the development of an information model of the Europass Certificate Supplement and the structuring of competence definitions.


The ICOPER project has a useful set of deliverables. Among these,


MedBiquitous has a competencies working group where their outputs are to be found.


See the website of the TENCompetence foundation.

Projects utilising competence-related specifications

(From the JISC CETIS Project Database)

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