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This page provides an overview of CETIS' support for the JISC DVLE programme.


Programme Level Outputs

Supporting DVLE

CETIS support for the JISC DVLE programme was both part of our wider remit as an Innovation Centre and a specific piece of work for JISC. Our support for the programme focused on the sharing and developing common technical approaches to the development and deployment of widgets within institutional virtual learning environments.

The programme consisted of two strands of activity: strand A - concentrating on the development of widgets with three projects running from July - December 2010, and strand B, which has five projects looking at the wider institutional issues around implementing and deploying widgets within existing institutional systems, running from July 2010 until December 2011.

People involved

Our contact details are available from CETIS contacts

Project Information


Useful links and resources

This section provides some links to related key resources.

Briefing Paper on DLE

The CETIS Distributed Learning Environments" briefing paper.

About Apache Wookie

For more information about Wookie, including links to their mailing list and widget building tutorials is available from the Apache Wookie (Incubating) website

CETIS Learning Platforms

Aggregated information on learning platform related topics from the Learning Platforms area of the CETIS website

CETIS widgets working group

This working group was formed after the widget session at the JISC - CETIS 2008 conference. More information on events and activites of the working group is available here

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