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CETIS Conference 2013
Tue 12 Mar:
10:30 Welcome: Paul Hollins
11:15 Keynote: Josie Fraser
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Parallel Sessions
- IMS QTI v2.1
- HE Information Landscape - Seize the Day
- Open Practice and OER sustainability
- Future of CETIS
Wed 13 Mar:
09:15 Parallel Sessions
- Open Innovation and Open Development
- Skills and competence opportunities
- Analytics and Institutional Capabilities
- Open Mic
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Plenary
14:15 Keynote: Patrick McAndrew

A session in the 2013 JISC CETIS Conference

Facilitators: Paul Hollins, Li Yuan


CETIS are globally recognised as leading experts on interoperability and technology standards in learning, education and training. After over a decade supporting JISC innovation and projects a new future beckons for CETIS. From July we intend to work with a number of partners to support technology and standards innovation. So what should CETIS’s priorities be?

This session will start with identifying and understanding the impact of technologies and disruptive innovation on institutions, their students and teaching and learning today. A short version of the Delphiprocess will employed to identify emerging trends and the future technology landscape in education and predict as a group what technologies will have most impact on the short, medium and longer term in Higher Education in order to prepare institutions for the challenging future which awaits them.

The second part of the session will hear from a number of speakers who have, for many years been part of the CETIS family, on the opportunities available in the next five years and how future innovation will occur in the sector and where CETIS might contribute in this rapidly growing and changing field.