Gazing into the Future: Looking for Weak Signals with iCOPER

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Led by Vana Kamtsiou and Tore Hoel with Adam Cooper

iCOPER is a European Best Practice Network Project (, that CETIS is participating in, with a particular focus on the fitness (or otherwise) of standards and knowledge about their application. Part of this work involves trying to look into the future.

This session will start with an overview and discussion on the methodology being applied within iCoper for their future-gazing. This will provide some background for a practical activity to identify some interesting "Weak Signals" (

This will be followed by a presentation of observations made from earlier iCoper workshops and a discussion on these together with those identified on the day.

We will conclude the day by asking what, if anything, these signals might mean to the suitability of, or gaps between, existing standards and specifications.

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