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For the last nine years JISC CETIS has held an annual conference. This "unashamedly technical" event gathers together key developers, thinkers and project managers from the JISC innovation community to discuss developments of the previous year and plan for the comming year.

Previous conferences:


2004 Oxford

e-Learning tools, Standards and Systems (e-Framework focus)

2005 Heriot Watt

e-Framework and Reference Models

2006 Salford

Linking Formal and Informal learning (discussions around Web 2.0)

2007 Aston

Beyond Standards - Holistic Approaches to Educational Technology and Interoperability

2008 Aston

Technology for Learning Teaching and the Institution

2009 Aston

A Brave New World?

2010 Nottingham

Never Waste a Good Crisis, Innovation & Technology in Institutions

2012 Nottingham

The Future Just Happened? Technology Innovation in Universities and Colleges

2013 Aston

Open for Education: Technology Innovation in Universities and Colleges