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JISC CETIS supports JISC Programmes in a range of ways. We will be developing this area over the coming months. In the meantime here is a list of the programmes we currently support and the associated support sites:

July 2012


Assessment and Feedback Programme


CETIS has been supporting the Assessment and Feedback programme, particularly the further testing and take up of the IMS QTI v2.1 specification.

Curriculum Design Programme

Institutional Approaches to Curriculum Design Programme


(Undertaken as core JISC CETIS activity)

The majority of the projects in this programme have now completed. Up to date information on the outputs that CETIS has provided are available in the Curriculum Design topic area http://jisc.cetis.ac.uk/topic/curriculum_design


Developing Digital Literacies Programme

(Part of core support)


July 2011- July 2013

CETIS provides support for the technical aspects of this programme. Sheila MacNeill has written a number of blog posts on what is means to be Digital University http://blogs.cetis.ac.uk/sheilamacneill/2012/06/27/proposed-framework-for-strategic-development/

Distributed Virtual Learning Environments (DVLE)


(Undertaken as JISC CETIS core activity) The programme officially ended on the 30th December 2011. Dev8Ed http://devcsi.ukoln.ac.uk/past-events/dev8ed/ in May 2012 had a number of activities based on the programme outputs and a briefing paper is also in the pipeline.


Enterprise Architecture Modelling and Archi


CETIS continues to support this community through modelling workshops, presentations and the further development of the Archi modelling tool.

Open Educational Resources Programme


(A combination of JISC CETIS core activity and additional funded programme support)

JISC CETIS continues to provide support to the JISC/HE Academy OER Programmes (Phases 1 - 3) at a variety of practical, strategic and technical levels. Further information is available on the UKOER support site.


Relationship Management programme


(Additional programme support funded by OUT team)

The RMSAS (Relationship Management Support, Analysis and Synthesis) Project, is supporting Phase 2 of the JISC Relationship Management Programme which covers three strands of projects: Strand 1: Good practice in CRM (Customer Relationship Management); Strand 2: Student progression, retention and non-completion; Strand 3: Alumni engagement. These projects will run from 1st March 2011 to 31st August 2012.


XCRI (eXchanging Course Related Information), HEAR and Course Data


(Additional funded programme support activity)

XCRI has been developed into a draft British standard as BS8581.

CETIS has been providing strategic support for the course data programme and aggregator and validator projects.

CETIS continues its involvement in the technical implementation of KIS and HEAR.

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