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CETIS Conference 2012
Wed 22 Feb:
11:15 Keynote: Ian Hughs
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Parallel Sessions
- QTI Codebash
- Education App Store
- The Learning Registry
- Thwarted or Embedded
- Data to Improve Student Retention
16:30 Keynote: Rob Abel
Thu 23 Feb:
09:15 Parallel Sessions
- Emerging Reality
- Open Badges
- QTI Demonstration
- Social Network Analysis
- Open Mic
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Plenary
14:15 Keynote: Prof. Mark Stubbs

A session in the 2012 JISC CETIS Conference

1.Ian Hughes, Metaverse Evangelist, TV presenter and Director of Feeding Edge Ltd

How we show the next generation their future is already here - Maker culture FTW

Ian Hughes/Epredator from will share some tales from recording three series of The Cool Stuff Collective kids ITV show and how the Future Tech elements in the show, whilst aimed at 7-12 year olds, is actually threaded together to get more people into STEM subjects through participation with open source and maker culture. From Metaverses to 3d printing, Arduino to Skylanders and with the odd saturday morning custard pie, there is a lot of cool technology out there. When it is all put together it shows us a path to an exciting future. A future powered by people willing to share online, where the social implications are as dramatic as the technology and where old organisation structures become less relevant.

2.Rob Abel, IMS Chief Executive officer

Are Education Technology Interoperability Standards Creating the Future?

You can bring a horse to the future, but you can't make him drink. Or can you? In this talk, Rob Abel will offer his perspective on how far the international community has come and where we need to go in terms of creating mainstream education sector adoption of interoperability that enables the future of digital learning. The talk will include examples of regional and international collaboration in progress, such as QTI. The purpose of the talk is to engender thoughtful discussion among close partners, IMS and JISC CETIS.



3.Professor Mark Stubbs, Head of Learning and Research Technologies Manchester Metropolitan University

In 2007, the JISC-CETIS conference challenged delegates to frame interventions that would deliver better information systems to support learning and teaching in 2012. Those present were invited to initiate experiments that would anticipate the future and to regard themselves as (secret) change agents: enabling, exploring, collaborating and learning together to innovate and transform. The call to arms resonates with my 1998 thesis on developing responses to complex (environmental) issues that transcend organisational boundaries. I will therefore use its lens of building adaptive response networks shaped by networking, creative dialogue and a sense of audience to reflect on my response to that 2007 JISC-CETIS challenge, which is manifest in 2012 in a 35,000 user core+ virtual learning environment that uses web services to (re)assemble relevant information distributed across the institution and the "cloud" and re-uses those services to offer personalised content on learners' mobile devices.



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