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Belongs to LEAP 2.0 > classes


Working definition

Refers to a meeting, relevant to the portfolio holder, involving two or more people, held in a particular location between specific times, which may have agenda and outcomes of interest to the portfolio holder.


While the idea of activity is very general, a meeting is of particular importance in many contexts of portfolio practice. The meeting is set up with a purpose; business is transacted between people; decisions or other outcomes may be reached.


What it is not


See the notes on LEAP triples for an explanation of what forms of triples there are, and how they are represented here.


Particular predicates from activity:




Particular kinds of meeting have not yet been defined.

Other specs that use similar things

iCalendar and the related hCalendar are obvious comparisons.

Existing places information held

see LEAP2A meeting

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Geographical or organisational location