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A session of the JISC CETIS Conference 2010

Facilitated by: Phil Barker and Lorna Campbell

Tuesday 16 November, 9am-1pm.

Innovative technical approaches related to (but not exclusively) the OER programme which are applicable to finding, using and managing content for teaching and learning, including:

The technical approaches that in mind included RSS aggregation and techniques similar to podcasting, presentation of resources through novel interfaces such as timelines and maps using geolocation data; representation of relationships between resources, using for example OAI-ORE; cross search, upload and metadata harvesting through the use of third party host APIs. We would welcome participation from current and past OER projects and others working in teaching and learning resource management.

Key audiences: anyone interested in innovative use and management of teaching and learning resources

Presentations from the event

David Kay. The Mosaic project, open library usage data and activity data; "Sitting on a goldmine- the value of attention and activity data" Part 1 Part 2

Vic Lyte, MIMAS, Semantic search, uncovering patterns, bringing meaning to search.

James Burke Lovle "curators, context, and collections"

Phil Barker Technical issues in automatic selection of resources for Delores Delores Design Engineering UKOER2 collection project

Chris Taylor OeRBITAL – Launching and Sustaining OER Bio science UKOER2 collection project

Rob Pearce …Locate, Collate and Aggregate and what I'm doing at the moment Low carbon engineering UKOER2 collection project

Pierre Far "Making OER more Open" OCWSearch

Pat Lockley, Xpert, "The plight of metadata"

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