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Note: Please use the tag 'cetismdrsig-feb2008' if writing about this event.

The Metadata and Digital Repositories SIG held its first meeting of 2008 on 12th February at Birkbeck, London. The meeting centred around project updates from the JISC Repositories and preservation programme. Meeting outputs will be available shortly.

Meeting content

Presentations are available below as embedded SlideShare presentations and accompanying MP3 files (where possible).

Dublin Core

Sarah Currier and Lara Whitelaw involved the audience with use case exercises.


Pete Johnston gave us some progress on the OAI-ORE specification, mentioning the four core documents.


Mike Taylor gave us some information about Becta Vocabulary Management Services.


Kora Golub spoke about the plan for the Enhanced Tagging (EnTag) project.
An MP3 is also available.


Sarah Currier demonstrated using the SWORD specification to build a deposit tool in intraLibrary.
An MP3 is also available.


CETIS's Scott Wilson gave a visual demonstration of the FeedForward project.
An MP3 is also available.


Birkbeck's David Flanders spoke about the SOURCE project.

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Meeting feedback

  • "Location needs to be as accessible as possible" - We try to rotate the venues to keep it fair; the next meeting (May) is in the North-West (Bolton)
  • "Provide list of attendees and badges to make networking easier" - There usually are but our flight problems prevented these being distributed at the start
  • "Ask us to do some optional prep work for workshop activity in advance" - It would perhaps be useful sometimes for some pre-meeting activity
  • "I'd like to see more of this sort of 'show me, don't tell me'...approach" - Where possible with project updates, we'll try to incorporate demos
  • "Make sure the record of the meeting (slides, audio, reflections etc) is as rich as possible" - We've included embedded slides, mp3s, a feed of blog posts and this feedback

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