Nottingham 2012-12-11

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Future Learners, new Opportunities and Technology

CETIS / CIePD Special Interest Group - event

11th December 2012, 10:00 to 16:00

Hashtag: #cetisfloat

The Senate Chamber, The Trent Building, University of Nottingham, NG7 2RD

We are witnessing major change in the educational and economic landscape. High fees, unemployment, new working patterns and of course, the need to demonstrate ‘employability’.

At the same time, new practices and technologies are emerging. For instance, Massive/Little Open Online Courses (M/LOOCS), big data, semantic web and Open Badge technology together with a major shift in digital culture - all offering opportunities for learners to access learning in new ways.

The aim of this event is to explore these opportunities from the viewpoint of the learner/individual and develop the community of interest around these areas:-

There are other communities, in CETIS and elsewhere, either focusing around institutional concerns and needs, or around facilitating the discovery and use of learning resources. But the e-portfolio community, including the CIePD as well as people from JISC and CETIS, has been where the needs of the individual learner have been most prominently discussed. This meeting is partly intended as a gathering point for the ongoing community of interest and practice around supporting learners of all kinds and at all levels, using technology focused around individual needs.

Programme schedule

We are privileged to welcome Doug Belshaw from Mozilla to introduce Open Badges and to run a Badge design process workshop.

10:00   Arrival and refreshments

10:30   Welcome and introductions

10:45   Doug Belshaw, Mozilla (intro to badge + badge design process)

11:15   Lightning talks (in alphabetical order):

Slides for most of these presentations are on the CIePD slideshare site

12:30   Lunch

13:15   Parallel workshop 1: Design your own badge - processes and practicalities (Doug Belshaw)

13:15   Parallel workshop 2: Developing a shared vision - Activities and discussion

14:15   Sharing the vision

15:30   Refreshments and cake

16:00   Close