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For information on this subject see CETIS pages on Open Educational Resources

This page is retired. It is no longer maintained, and information in it may be dated.


This section gathers information about the standards and other approaches that might be relevant to OER description. It provides sources of information about the standards and gathers examples of descriptive practice in the UKOER programme and elsewhere. It covers issues such as relevant standards, tagging, bookmarking, vocabularies, and licensing. The related issue of SEO for OERs is discussed Search Engine Optimisation for OERs.

The programme outlined the base descriptive requirements: Metadata Guidelines for the OER Programme

Describing resources

Overview of metadata

Metadata for educational resources

The CETIS MDR SIG provides a focus for everyone interested in the process of describing and sharing learning resources.

Dublin Core



The use of metadata in the UKOER programme

Relevant Vocabularies

Tagging, bookmarking and web2.0 services

Examples of descriptive practice from projects