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A developer event on harvesting, aggregating and collecting OERs, held at Strathclyde University, Glasgow on 22 June 2010.

This was an opportunity for developers to


We had two over-arching goals for the day

  1. solve small interoperability niggles on the day
  2. identify and clearly describe larger problems that can be solved over the next ~3 months (without extra funding!)


The aim of the event was to support developers using collections of open education resources in some way. The event was run in collaboration with the iCoper Project to explore two related areas of technical work:

Before the event John posted a call for information so that participants could tell us a bit about their background and what they were interested in exploring.

The event comprised:

On the day of the event a Google presentation was used to record notes, including the introductions from all participants and information shared on the day.

There is also an archive of Tweets from the event (and a summary of who tweeted).

The report for the meeting is available on Phil's blog.