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This page is archived. It is no longer maintained, and information in it may be dated.
A synthesis of our work on Open Educational Resources can be found in the book
"Into the wild – Technology for open educational resources"
Open Educational Resources
OER Contents:
UKOER Programme support
UKOER sources
CETIS UKOER mini projects
Describing OERs
Tracking OERs
UKOER projects in PROD
UKOER synthesis & summary
CETIS OER papers
CETIS OER events
Main Ideas
- Bookmarking tools for OER
- Generating Paradata from mediawiki
- Wordpress widgets/plugins
- A Google CSE for course directories
- SWORD desktop app
- Email-based deposit plugin for SWORD
Outline Ideas
- JS widget to Wookie widget
- Metadata Extraction Tools
- PORSCHE thoughts
- Document Import/Export Service
- OER Playlist picker
- Additions to OERbit
- Prototyping a new OERca
Main page
- Open Systems for Learning Resources
- OER Hack Days
- Locate, Collate and Aggregate
- What metadata...?
- OER Gathering
- Repositories and the Open Web
- Technical Roundtable
- Find and Seek
- Joint CETIS OpenLearn meeting
CETIS OER Contacts
Phil Barker [1]
Email: phil.barker@hw.ac.uk
Based at: ICBL Heriot-Watt University
Phil's JISC CETIS blog
Lorna M Campbell [2]
Email: lmc@strath.ac.uk
Based at: CAPLE, University of Strathclyde
Lorna's JISC CETIS blog

The CETIS UKOLN Hack days was a two day event hacking content, systems and services for open educational resources on the 31 Mar & 1 Apr 2011 in Manchester. This event was organised under the DevCSI and OER Technical Interest Group initiatives. The aim was to bring together software developers, project managers, academics, learning technologists, researchers and users who were interested in hacking OER content, systems and services.

During the event, delegates working in multi-disciplinary teams to work on ideas that had been suggested before and at the beginning of the hack days. The links below show those ideas that were worked on and developed during the day and, just for the record, some of the ideas which weren't picked up by a team.

Some initial reflections on the event by John Robertson are available on his blog, and a more in-depth review of the hack days by Kirsty Pitkin appeared in Ariadne.


Ideas that were developed

Outline ideas

The following ideas were suggested, but not developed during the day.

Other things we looked at

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