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This page is archived. It is no longer maintained, and information in it may be dated.
A synthesis of our work on Open Educational Resources can be found in the book
"Into the wild – Technology for open educational resources"
Open Educational Resources
OER Contents:
UKOER Programme support
UKOER sources
CETIS UKOER mini projects
Describing OERs
Tracking OERs
UKOER projects in PROD
UKOER synthesis & summary
CETIS OER papers
CETIS OER events
Main Ideas
- Bookmarking tools for OER
- Generating Paradata from mediawiki
- Wordpress widgets/plugins
- A Google CSE for course directories
- SWORD desktop app
- Email-based deposit plugin for SWORD
Outline Ideas
- JS widget to Wookie widget
- Metadata Extraction Tools
- PORSCHE thoughts
- Document Import/Export Service
- OER Playlist picker
- Additions to OERbit
- Prototyping a new OERca

An idea from the CETIS UKOLN OER Hack Days

News: Manchester Wordpress hackers table have created a wiki page for knowledge around OER and WordPress - http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/OER_Wordpress_Plugins What we actually did at the event:

Code will be available under GPL via a github page and screencast videos will be linked from here and sent to lists

WordPress has great potential for presenting OERs. It gives you good web presence, category views, RSS feeds, simple search of the whole collection, widgets to bring in stuff from other sources and, if you want them, plugins for some DC metadata, CC, OAI-PMH data provision and RDFa.

But there is plenty of scope to do more.

Maybe there is some work that could be done with Pat Lockley's OpenAttribute plugin, or work on some of the ideas from the Delores project or the TRITON project.

The Primary School TV, Primary School Games, BBC News Feed and BrainPOP widgets are good examples of widgets that are used to easily bring content in from other sources.

Classdroid is an example of a Android application for Wordpress that is used to capture progression and evidence of a pupils progression with the ultimate goal of creating an easy to manage eportfolio.

Default interface tweeks to make posting easier

Tracking from wordpress

Iframe site to site cross oer use

Aggregating feeds of OER using RSS aggregators

Plugins that search into FlickrCC and present results in a grid or list


Phil Barker - can describe requirements, provide feedback.

Peter Robinson from http://openspires.oucs.ox.ac.uk [1] - can describe some ideas, some example plugins ( an RSS plugin that searches against the OER aggregator Xpert and displays results as RSS [GPL developed by Simon W] and provide some OER RSS feeds to play with ...