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This was a session in the CETIS-2009 Conference: A Brave New World?

Led by Lorna Campbell and Phil Barker

The tag for this session is #cetis09oer

Are you working on an Academy / JISC OER project? Are you an open educational resources champion? Do you believe in Just Getting The Damn Stuff Out There? If so come along and share your technical experiences. What works for you? What doesn't? What technical problems have you banging your head on the table in frustration? Have you discovered an elegant technical solution to a thorny problem?

This session will provide OER Projects and all other interested parties with an opportunity to come together to discuss technical issues that they have anticipated, encountered and possibly even resolved. Issues we might expect to discuss are resource description including metadata and tagging, version control (does it really matter?), tracking (what? how? why?), uploading resources to multiple end points, working with different repositories, aggregating resources distributed across different services and applications, using feeds, etc. Members of JISC, CETIS and other community experts will be on hand to offer advice and discuss potential solutions.

Issues relating to clearing IPR will be out of scope for this session, sorry guys :-}

Additional issues raised by the Steeple Project:

This is a session in the CETIS-2009 Conference: A Brave New World?