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This session will be an opportunity to demonstrate and present projects you've been working on, or ideas for future work. People will be able to sign up for a number of short slots prior to the conference and also sign up at the conference.

If you would like to speak at the open mic session and come with a pre-prepared talk, please contact Lisa Corley who will be chairing the session. Participants will also be able to sign up on the day subject to available slots.

Further Info on the Session

If you would like to have a slot at the session, we are proposing that people have 5 minutes each and then after a few slots open it out to discussion about the issues raised, then continue to more slots which people can sign up to in advance or on the day (subject to timings). As this year's conference is organised around five broad themes: may want to discuss your views on any of these, perhaps reflecting on one of the sessions from Day One, or something completely different, maybe demonstrate and present projects you've been working on, ideas for future work and funding etc.

Please let Lisa Corley know if you would like to have a 5 minute slot at the session (if you decide not to beforehand, you can always change your mind on the day if you are inspired by something!) If you could let us know asap that would be great and we can plan a rough order of talks.

We look forward to seeing you at the conference and your participation in a hopefully interesting and thought provoking Open Mic session,

Background to the format

A couple of CETIS staff attended the JISC Innovation Forum event in July and found the Open Mic session useful and stimulating, plus feedback from previous conferences has asked for a similar ‘quick fire’ session where participants have the chance to give short presentations/rants/updates. Whilst the format of the JISC CETIS session will be slightly different (i.e we won’t be doing graphical representations but we will capture the main points) you can see the write up of the JIF event

If you fancy giving a 5 minute ‘lightning talk’ you may find it useful to read these handy tips from someone who’s been there. You are of course welcome to attend the session even if you don't want to give a talk.

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