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The JISC CETIS Portfolio topic wiki.

CETIS work in the area of portfolio covers these areas:

We support JISC programmes and projects

An important part of the work of JISC CETIS is to offer this support. If you are a JISC-funded project and want help in this area, ask through your programme manager: they know us well.
We also aim to work distinctly from, but in close collaboration with, the JISC staff and experts.

We help develop interoperability specifications and standards

We have an active interest in Portfolio-related specs and standards. Our portfolio interoperability projects work is currently engaged in developing the Leap2A specification. We also fed community views into the IMS ePortfolio revision, and will do for other relevant specs and standards as they arise.

Old site

The old page still with various material is at http://www.cetis.ac.uk/members/portfolio/