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Funded by the JISC, facilitated by Simon Grant of CETIS


The Leap2A specification

The documentation for the current specification is at http://cetis.org.uk/leap2/a/ including elements, types, relationships, categories, literals, examples, and notes on mapping, exporting and importing, scenarios, developments and future plans as well.

The 2009-03/Leap2A specification is the index to the older, initial version of Leap2A.

Competence structures for e-portfolio tools

This JISC-funded work is running until July 2011. It does not directly affect Leap2A, but rather is aimed at proposing a complementary specification for the representation of competence-related abilities in structures or frameworks. The idea is to allow such structures to be published, and to have an identifier (URI) for each ability definition, which can then be linked to from within Leap2A.

Mailing list

The PORTFOLIO-INTEROPERABILITY-WORK mailing list will continue in existence for continuing work.

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