Portfolio interoperability prototyping

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See Portfolio interoperability projects

This page refers to early PIOP 1 work undertaken between December 2007 and July 2008.

The Portfolio Interoperability Prototyping Project

This originally involved a group of three of the most established developers of portfolio or portfolio-like systems in the UK, all of whom had displayed a long-term interest in interoperability. Two are still based entirely within HEIs, and the third originated in an HEI.

The goals were set out in the PIOP goals page.
We agreed PIOP requirements.

There were some PIOP tasks.

The last meeting of the PIOP 1 project was the PIOP meeting 2008-07-10 - see there for notes.

We decided to use the Atom Syndication Format and possibly consider the Atom Publishing Protocol if appropriate.

For Leap2A scenarios, elements, types, relationships, categories, literals, examples, notes on importing, and spec changes please see the 2009-03/Leap2A specification.

There is also a page for LEAP and PIOP presentations.