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2011 Meetings

BSI/JISC CETIS Accessibility Standards Workshop, 28th February 2011, London.

Standards development processes can appear to be remote from those stakeholders that the standards serve and opportunities for direct conversation between relevant communities can be rare. This is particularly true in Accessibility because of impediments to communication and because of its international applicability and the international nature of many relevant standards development processes. When opportunity presents we should not ignore it.

This informal workshop, jointly organised in collaboration with BSI (British Standards Institution) and JISC CETIS takes advantage of the presence in the UK of a number of international standards developers and strategists to foster discussion and exchange between communities around recent and ongoing international and UK work in Accessibility Standards.

The draft agenda, which may be subject to some slight alterations will include:

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2009 Meetings

17th Accessibility SIG Meeting, 13th May 2009, Technium CAST, Bangor.

This meeting consisted of presentations, demonstrations and discussion covering:

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2007 Meetings

16th Accessibility SIG Meeting, 24th July 2007, University of Wolverhampton.

This meeting consisted of the following presentations and demonstrations:

Accessibility and Beyond: Re-Energising and Re-focusing, 4th June 2007, TechDis, York.

This meeting took the form of a discussion meeting, where both the TechDis and CETIS services tried to ascertain the community's views on accessibility and e-learning, with a particular emphasis on areas for future accessibility work, the remit of the Accessibility SIG, and whether standards and/or a holistic approach were beneficial. Discussions covered:

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