Reconstructing the Competence Maze

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Belongs to the Conference 2009 Programme.
Led by Simon Grant and Rowin Young

The recording of competences and evaluation outcomes information to meet institutional, national and international requirements is a crucial part of a learner's educational experience as well as helping to demonstrate suitability for future employment through the development of a portfolio of qualifications, skills and experience.

Participants in a recent CETIS event on competences identified a number of requirements and issues for a future competences specification, including the ability to transfer information between different systems and tools and identification of a definable core structure which is itself fairly simple and repeatable, but which allows extension for extra semantics and accommodates the highly context dependent nature of competences and outcomes.

This session offered an opportunity for those working on the development of tools and specifications around competences recording to share different ideas on how to model competences, and attempted to resolve differences and achieve consensus on the competences domain.

The session pioneered a novel method involving traffic cones, string, paper, pens, and lots of negotiation...

Here is a graphic representation of the traffic cones, string, etc. that resulted. Also uploaded here is the CXL file which you can download and play with if you have CmapTools.


And here is a photo of some of the cones and some of the people...


See also Simon Grant's blog post about the session.