Relationship Management: A Conflict of Interest?

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Note change of title to "Relationship Management in HE and FE"

Facilitated by: Sharon Perry and Paul Hollins, JISC CETIS.

JISC CETIS has been supporting twenty projects funded by JISC in CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and SLRM (Student Lifecycle Relationship Management), with the SLRM projects using service design techniques. As far as we are aware, this is the first time service design techniques have been used in the HE (Higher Education) sector to improve the student experience.

Aim of the session: for delegates to come away with a better understanding of Relationship Management in HE and the subtle nuances that need to be considered.

Audience: Aimed at delegates who are interested in CRM and SLRM, making improvements to the student experience, and for those who just want to find out more about the service design approach.

Findings from the JISC Relationship Management Programme

Presenter: Sharon Perry, JISC CETIS.

The JISC Relationship Management Programme projects have recently finished (you can find out more at the JISC CETIS Relationship Management page). This part of the session will present a brief over of some of the findings from these projects. Did you know that CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is not just about purchasing an expensive piece of software, but that the analysing the culture (people) of the organisation and processes need to be analysed and understood first? And what are the benefits of putting the student at the heart of the process? Can service design techniques, more commonly associated with the commercial sector, really make a difference?

A Taste of Service Design

Presenter: Dr Qin Han.

Dr Han's thesis on "Practices and Principles in Service Design" discusses the management of multiple stakeholders in complex projects using service design (a free summary is available in exchange for a Tweet). This practical session will provide a taste of some service design techniques and will introduce the concept of 'Communities of Service'.

Using Service Design to Improve the Student Experience

Presenter: Jean Mutton, University of Derby.

This part of the session will give real-life examples of using service design successfully to enhance the student experience. The University of Derby's DERBI project focussed on using service design techniques to improve the student enrolment experience. Jean will introduce some of the improvements made to this process and provide an update on the successes to date.

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