Technology change in education - involving Senior Management at last?

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Led by Sarah Holyfield, JISC CETIS, and Patrick O'Reilly, Head of Information Services & Technology, University of Bolton

Shared services, 'Flexible service delivery', soa, cloud computing....huge technology change is taking place in education - this workshop will focus on the question of how we can help Senior Management to realise the level of commitment it requires from them?

This workshop will follow on from one of last year's sessions - Providing mission-critical services? Development and innovation? How do we bridge these two worlds?

It will reflect on some of the issues that arose in that session, and consider developments that are presently underway (see list below) and how we can begin to engage Senior Management in the discussions that need to take place.

We would like to invite colleagues with an interest in this area and particularly those with responsibility for strategy planning and resourcing to contribute to the discussion.

Relevant developments -

JISC CETIS have produced an online guide for those involved in strategic planning, deployment and implementation of IT systems in educational institutions - Technology change in HE and FE - a service oriented approach -

The JISC funded Flexible Services Delivery (FSD) Programme has begun - the vision behind JISC’s FSD programme is the development of efficient, innovative and agile universities and colleges, underpinned by integrated, service-oriented information and learning systems.

If you are intending to come to this session please let us know about other relevant developments we could add to this list.

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