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Led by Adam Cooper

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The idea of the Giant Global Graph is an extension of the document-centred reality of the World Wide Web; it encompasses the idea that data is linked rather than just its presentation. The building block for the graph is Linked Data, a digestible incarnation of the Semantic Web and it really seems to be gaining momentum.

This session will start with a short introduction presentation (PPT) with some examples of Linked Data in practical use before breaking into smaller discussion groups to look, from the global perspective, at where our institutions fit in. They will consider:

Both teaching and learning and other activities that form part of the educational system will be in scope.

We will aim to create:

This session will dovetail with University API http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/University_API.

What Happened?

The introductory slides are available as Powepoint and ODP.

Notes from Universities and Colleges in the Giant Global Graph

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