Web 2.0 Applications and Accessibility

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Back to Accessibility SIG Meeting 13th May 2009: Web 2.0 Applications and Accessibility.


This is the HTML version of the Web 2.0 Applications and Accessibility (PowerPoint format - 1.1Mb) given by E A Draffan, Learning Societies Lab, School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton.



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Screenshot of Wordle word cloud
This screenshot shows a word cloud created in Wordle. The text is taken from What is Web 2.0? Ideas, Technologies and Implications for Education. The most highly used words are: common, consume, socially, blogs, videosharing, connected, people, applications/services, can contribute, much, networking, Web (most used word), concentrates, social, coverage, podcasting, Media.

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Web 2.0 Integrated with e-Learning

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Cartoon showing how one size does not fit all
This cartoon shows a man holding a tee-shirt with the slogan "One size fits all". The man asks his three colleagues, "Will this do for you?". One colleague replies, "No - that won't fit ME". Another says, "We are ALL unique with individual needs and requirements".

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Evaluation for Ease of Use and Accessibility

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What Happens When You Have Several Models for Making Online Applications Easier to Use and Accessible?

Cartoon of a brain juggling whilst standing on a tightrope

There is only so much a brain can do! This cartoon shows a brain juggling whilst standing on a tightrope. The brain is saying, "There ARE limits to multitasking!".

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Description of 4 Models or Approaches to Web Access

Diagram of multiple approaches

This diagram of multiple approaches is courtesy of Gregg Vanderheiden PhD and Raising the Floor.

The picture is composed of three main objects with interconnecting lines and features.

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Digital Decisions

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Let's Keep the Tools in our Toolkit Simple and Easy to Use

Cartoon showing a complicated tool being used when a simple hammer would do

This cartoon shows a woman holding a toolbox of carpentry tools marked "Assistive Technologies". From it, she has pulled a complicated tool and says, "I'm just going to knock this nail in". Her colleague holds up a hammer and says, "So why over complicate things? This would do the job perfectly well".

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Mind Map of Learning Choices and Digital Decisions

Mind map showing factors influencing digital decisions

This mind map shows the factors that incluence learning choices and digital decisions. The two main areas discussed during the presentation were:


Other factors include:

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The Technology Hurdle

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My Technologies - 24/7 Access

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There May Be More Than One Direction Open To Us

Cartoon showing two students looking at a signpost showing several directions

This cartoon shows two people looking at signpost showing several directions: Strategies, Assistive Technologies, Guides, Applications. One student says, "But as long as we have information...". To which the other replies, "...we can make informed choices." All of this information is available from the LexDis website.

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