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JISC CETIS has a history of producing applications for the community. Listed below is some of the software we’ve produced with links to where they can be found and/or downloaded from.



Archi is a free, open source, cross-platform tool to create ArchiMate models. It is intended to provide a low cost to entry (i.e. free) solution to users who may be making their first steps in the ArchiMate language. Developed in 2010 to support the JISC Flexible Service Delivery Programme.

Relevant standards and technologies: ArchiMate.

For: Enterprise Architects and Enterprise Modellers


Dates active: 2010-present

Status: Version 2.3 available. Stable. Seeking sponsorship.

Leap2A Validator


Leap2A is a specification for portfolio portability. Leap2A XML data files may be uploaded through the web interface of this service. The service then displays the Leap2A file, checks it for several classes of error, and displays messages accordingly so that portfolio system developers can check how their system is handling data in Leap2A format.

Relevant standards and technologies: Leap2A

For: Developers – requires some technical expertise

URL: http://www.leapspecs.org/validator/2A/

Dates active: 2010-

Status: In operation, improvements in development.


The content transcoder is a service to convert data between a number of different content packaging standards. The service supports conversions between the most common eLearning content formats in use: IMS Content Packaging 1.1, IMS Content Packaging 1.2, SCORM 1.2 (only as source), SCORM 2004, and IMS Common Cartridge 1.0. Hosted on Amazon.

Relevant standards and technologies: IMS Content Packaging, SCORM, IMS Common Cartridge.

For: Developers – requires some technical expertise

URL: http://purl.oclc.org/NET/transcoder

Dates active: 2008 - 2010

Status: In operation, no further development planned.

The Transcoder project report is available at: http://wiki.cetis.ac.uk/images/e/eb/TranscoderFinalReport3.pdf

XCRI Validator

The XCRI (eXchange of Course-Related Information) project developed a UK-oriented specification for describing courses in XML--the XCRI Course Advertising Profile (or XCRI-CAP for short). The XCRI validator is a CETIS hosted service for validating data in XCRI-CAP format. Small XCRI files may be uploaded and they are tested against a set of schematron rules. Information on how to host schematron and validate larger files is available: Validating XCRI-CAP using Schematron.

Relevant standards and technologies: XCRI-CAP

For: Developers – requires some technical expertise

URL: http://galadriel.cetis.ac.uk/XCRIValidator/

Dates active: 2005-

Status: version 1.1 available; version 1.2 due to be developed and released in 2011-2012.


PROD is a directory and monitoring tool for JISC funded projects. As part of our programme support activities we update project information with details of the technologies and standards that projects are using.

Relevant standards and technologies:

For: Programme managers, JISC Project managers

URL: http://prod.cetis.ac.uk

Dates active: 2008 -

Status:In operation, no further development planned.



Apache Wookie is a solution for adding W3C Widgets to web applications incubated at the Apache Software Foundation. Originally developed as part of the TenCompetence EU-funded project, Wookie is now being used to support widget development in the JISC Distributed Virtual Learning Environment programme as well as a range of EU-funded projects and other uses outside the education sector.

Relevant standards and technologies:

For: Developers – requires some technical expertise

URL: http://getwookie.org

Dates active: 2005-

Status: Version 0.9.0 released; version 0.9.1 due in Q3 2011, ongoing open development



Initially developed to support the JISC Exchange for learning Programme, the Reload suite of software tools can be used for the packaging and delivery of learning objects in conformance with various specifications.

Relevant standards and technologies: IMS Content packaging; IEEE Learning Object Metadata / IMS Learning Resource Meta-data; SCORM; IMS Learning Design; Learning Objects.

For: Developers – requires some technical expertise.

URL: http://www.reload.ac.uk/

Dates active: 2002-2008

Status: version 2.5.5 and legacy version 1.0 available.