Composing your Learning Environment; new models

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Note: Please use the tag '#cetis09le' if writing about this event.

Led by Wilbert Kraan and Sheila MacNeill

Post VLE, the MLE concept first tackled the need to integrate functionality and data in teaching and learning IT systems. The PLE discussion radically re-conceptualised the notion of a learning environment for the social web apps age. But the VLE is still there, proving that it has a clear role in most educational institutions.

The resulting tension between the role of the VLE as a common tool for the institutional community on the one hand, and the desire to make it permeable to the wider web on the other has created a number of new solutions. These solutions are built on different architectures that each have their own strengths and weaknesses.

We will explore those strengths and weaknesses over two sessions, with a chance to catch up on both sessions online. The first session on the whys, wherefores and interfaces of the following models:

Models and Presentations

There was a second session on the second day exploring more models and technologies

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