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The Conference has now ended. The programme below contains links to presentations and outcomes from the various parallel sessions including aggregated blog posts from attendees.

Tuesday 20th November

Time Title Suite(s)
9.00 Registration and networking
10.30 Welcome - Professor Oleg Liber, Director of JISC CETIS 5, 6
11.15 Keynote 1: Sarah Porter, Head of Development, JISC 5, 6
11.45 Keynote 2: Iain Stinson, Director of Computing Services, U.Liverpool 5, 6
12.30 Lunch 2, 3
13.30 Parallel sessions
Responding to Change and Institutional Challenges1
Beyond Reality: Multi User Virtual Environments and Games5
Learning Resources in the Ecology of Repositories4a
Coordination and Control of Business Processes4b
Beyond Standards 6
15.15 Break
16.00 Parallel sessions (contd)
17.30 End of sessions for day 1
20.00 for 20:30 Conference Dinner

Wednesday 21st November

Time Title Suite(s)
9.00 Parallel sessions
Mapping across domains: an exploration 4a
'Cool' or just 'Sad'? - What motivates learners to participate in and use technology? 5
Mash-up Market 4b
Semantic Structures for Teaching and Learning 1
Beyond Education: Employment and Skills 6
10.45 Break
11.30 Parallel sessions (contd)
13.00 Lunch 2, 3
14.00 Plenary feedback 5, 6
15.00 "Beyond Interoperability – All at C?" (7Mb), Professor Mark Stiles, Staffordshire U.5, 6
15.45 End of conference

Blog the Conference!

For general conference blogging use the tag "cetis-2007-conference". See the session descriptions for session-specific tags.

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    The Conference has now ended. The programme below contains links to presentations and outcomes from the various parallel sessions including aggregated blog posts from attendees.
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