Creating an Education App Store for the UK

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*'''The University in a Box, Fridolin Wilde, OU''' [ Presentation via slideshare]
*'''The University in a Box, Fridolin Wilde, OU''' [ Presentation via slideshare]
*[ Widget projects], Scott Wilson, JISC CETIS
*[[ Widget projects]], Scott Wilson, JISC CETIS

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CETIS Conference 2012
Wed 22 Feb:
11:15 Keynote: Ian Hughs
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Parallel Sessions
- QTI Codebash
- Education App Store
- The Learning Registry
- Thwarted or Embedded
- Data to Improve Student Retention
16:30 Keynote: Rob Abel
Thu 23 Feb:
09:15 Parallel Sessions
- Emerging Reality
- Open Badges
- QTI Demonstration
- Social Network Analysis
- Open Mic
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Plenary
14:15 Keynote: Prof. Mark Stubbs

A session in the 2012 JISC CETIS Conference

Facilitators: Sheila MacNeill and Scott Wilson

The Open University, University of Bolton, KU Leuven, and IMC have been working with JISC to develop a Widget Store aimed at the UK education sector using a codebase shared across and sustained by a range of other EU projects and consortia (click here for the ROLE project). This session provides hands-on access to prototypes, and an opportunity to develop ideas for how the store can be used, further developed and sustained. Topics can include widget discovery, integration with VLEs and other applications, mobile support, social requirements engineering, curation and quality control, and business models.

Key questions include: what do you want from this service? How should it be developed? How can we encourage community buy-in and sustainability?


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