Future of Interoperability Standards September 2010

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History: version of this page at the start of the meeting (the page has now been edited to be a post-meeting record.



The meeting took place on September 24th 2010 at the Royal Society of Chemistry, Burlington House, London.

Position papers, reflections and notes from the previous meeting (January 2010 in Bolton)

This meeting is in association with the ICOPER Best Practice Network.

About the Meeting

This event, the second in a workshop/discussion series on the "future of interoperability standards" is of interest to those directly involved with the development of formal or informal interoperability specifications and standards, especially in education but also in the research and cultural heritage domains. Whereas previously the emphasis was on policy and process and the relationship between formal and informal standards-development models, this time we will focus on the technical approaches to creating standards: how should we model and document standards. This could include questions of structure/segmentation, arguments about application of semantic web approaches, application models in relation to core models, how to handle statements about conformance.

A future event will consider the vital precursor to "technical approaches": methods to surface and agree on the conceptual models.

Aims of the meeting:

Intended outcomes:


"Position Papers"

Please interpret "position paper" very loosely, these are essentially an opportunity for pre-meeting expression of ideas and reading.

Notes from the Meeting

The meeting largely comprised of a number of group discussions on selected topics followed by reporting back and plenary discussion. There was also a lot of ad hoc discussion that didn't get recorded

Notes from each theme:

We also identified the following topics as being of potential interest but they were not the focus of group discussion:

Post-meeting Blog Posts etc

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