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JISC CETIS have been providing advice and support to the UK Higher and Further Education sectors for the past 10 years. In that time there have been profound changes in the technologies used to support teaching and learning and consequently the educational technology specifications and standards being developed.

The Standards topic area gathers together a number of resources and recent blog posts about interoperability standards.

The following recent articles and reports by JISC CETIS staff discuss some of these changes and speculate about the ways interoperability might be achieved in the future.

A public version of the informal horizon scan JISC CETIS presented to its Board in March 2011 identifies technologies likely to be significant to UK higher and further education in the coming year.

A summary of a JISC CETIS meeting held in January 2010.

This briefing is intended to provide advice and supporting materials to help people to incorporate standards in their ICT-related business cases.

A paper by Adam Cooper (April 2009) addressing the question: “how do we know if a standard is fit for adoption” and discussing what fitness means and how we can assess it.

In his blog (July 2008) Wilbert Kraan discusses the process of technology commodification, and the impact of educational technology standards.

Adam Cooper reflects on the past 10 years of developments in educational technology standards and ponders the role of standards as we move "beyond this period of anticipatory standards." (March 2008)