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CETIS Conference 2012
Wed 22 Feb:
11:15 Keynote: Ian Hughs
12:00 Lunch
13:00 Parallel Sessions
- QTI Codebash
- Education App Store
- The Learning Registry
- Thwarted or Embedded
- Data to Improve Student Retention
16:30 Keynote: Rob Abel
Thu 23 Feb:
09:15 Parallel Sessions
- Emerging Reality
- Open Badges
- QTI Demonstration
- Social Network Analysis
- Open Mic
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Plenary
14:15 Keynote: Prof. Mark Stubbs

A session in the 2012 JISC CETIS Conference

Facilitators: Lorna Campbell and Sheila MacNeill

This session will provide an overview of developments in Social Network Analysis (SNA) and data visualisation tools and techniques and explore where and when these tools and techniques are most effective. The session will include presentations, visualisations and demos from a variety of data sources, followed by live data analysis demos based on data generated by the conference e.g the #cetis12 twitter stream.


Summary of the session by Sheila MacNeill:

Blog post about the session from David Sherlock:

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